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We make tracking your oil
& gas investments easy
"It's so much faster than using spreadsheets and at the end of the year all the data should be in the right place for the CPA."
- Maria Pizzo, Hyde Oil & Gas Corp.
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"It is the perfect oil & gas software for the investors in oil & gas wells that do not operate wells. It is easy to use and the customer support is the best around. After being a customer for several years, I look forward to using your software in the years to come."
- Wade Cox, Wade Cox CPA
What makes Well Profits different?
Oil & gas investments can be a complicated thing to figure out. And because of this, investors typically fall into two categories. Either they have enough money to hire someone to make sense of their data for them – or they want to hold onto the money coming in as long as they can, so they use Excel spreadsheets to figure out their share – spending hours crafting the perfect formula, just to still be confused about what their formula really means to their bottom line.

We get this. We saw a gap in the market for a system to help investors after spending more than 20 years helping operators and accountants keep track of the distributions they send to investors. So after hearing the feedback from our client’s investors, we understood that having to track revenue and expenses on their own down to the tenth percentage point or more is tedious.

You shouldn’t need to spend hours or have a degree in finance or accounting to track your investments. So what Well Profits does is make the process as simple as possible by automating the calculations and giving you reports that give you the insight you’re looking for all along.

With Well Profits software, you will:

1. Track income and costs in one location.
2. Easily make sense of your data or your client’s data because the software handles all the computations to give you the bottom line in real time.
3. Expedite your year-end tax process by having all your data ready for your CPA.

How much is your data overload costing you? How accurate are your records for what your bottom line is with these investments? How much work is it going to take to get the tax-documents ready for your CPA this year? A lack of a simple system to track all this data may be costing you a great deal.

See for yourself what our software can do for your investments. Why? Because muddling through all the data won’t get any easier until you make a change.

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